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So, what makes you run?  Whatever your answer, Rundynamics™ seeks to help you enjoy it more, and do it better, with human- and local-interest stories from right here in Northeast Ohio, technical articles, and more.

Sorry, no blog here, no discussion forum, no international results -- others, such as The Run Zone, do those things quite well* -- and definitely no personal workout/race accounts filled with unending, meaningless details of my ridiculous escapades.  In fact, only occasional site updates are planned, when there is something that actually seems worth posting, so rather than lots of dynamic content, the aim is to provide material worth a return visit and perhaps a second look.

*And whenever I find myself in need of a healthy dose of contagious enthusiam and youthful chaos, I head over to TriSaraTops!  Three horns up!  J

  COMMUNITY    Finally, it's here!  Spring is sprung, the road racing season is upon us, and this comprehensive race calendar for the Cleveland area is offered to help you plan your competitive schedule throughout the year.


  RETRO    All too often, when the subject of middle- and long-distance running history comes up, it limited to the likes of Zatopek and Clarke, Ryun and Liquori, Burleson and the Men of Oregon, etc. -- er, I guess that should be Prefontaine and the Boys of Billville . . . oh, whatever!

This is much to the impoverishment of sporting lore, as the contributions of Switzer, Bridges, and (more locally) Consolo have all added a distinctive weave to the rich tapestry of running’s storied past.

Who, perhaps you are wondering, are those last three?

Then join in a remedial celebration of Women’s History Month with this first-person account by Dr. Kitty Consolo of her humble beginnings in 1975 as the first (and only) member of the Wake Forest University women’s cross-country team, up to the present day.  Consolo, originally (and still) from Granville, Ohio, is remembered locally for her wins at the 1982 and ’85 editions of the Cleveland Marathon while she pursued her Masters and Ph.D. in exercise science at Kent State University.

Then, this timeline (PDF, 517 KB) chronicles important events in the larger context of of women’s distance running from 1896-1977.  There can be found the remarkable stories of Adrienne Beames, Miki Gorman, Jacqueline Hansen et al., not to mention the significance of race number 261 . . .

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